The Owner


The Regal Edge "Edge Control Styling Brush" is a patent pending product, engineered to provide a more cosmetically feasible alternative to tame your edges. There is a specific reason why women have been using the toothbrush as their beauty secret for generations. Regal Edge has incorporated all of those specifications into each design to deliver a suitable edge styling tool.


"African American culture, which is quite new, is deeply rooted in the standards of social inequalities. In turn, much of how we feel about our history is reflected in social acceptance. The repetition of unacceptance inflicted on African Americans has resulted in a plethora of hairstyles that infer political stand and self-image.

While much of African American hair is stereotyped by classism, colorism, and racism; many have made their hair their own. The psychological damage of societal issues has shaped our African American culture. The need to reach for an identity through curl patterns, complexion or bloodline, and hair length has lead to an extreme focus on black hair. In many circles our hair may be a resource to fit in, or to stand out. So now we fight between proving our blackness or to not be defined by our blackness.

Our lack of connection to African heritage has lead to many identifying with European culture. This concoction of African American beauty mixed with psychological turmoil has developed African American culture that several races identify with, regardless of skin color or background.

Instead of debating on who is right, we need to accept and establish our culture as it is today. The edge control brush was created to contribute to the history of African American hair. We must acknowledge our culture for what it is, what works for us, and what’s next." 

-Candice Clemons, CEO of Regal Edge